Recipe: Steam Chicken in Chicken Essence

People always said the Chicken Essence help to fight against fatigue and nourish your body. As the exam for J & J is coming soon and tonight I am going to try to steam Chicken in Chicken Essence for them to boost their energy.

– 3 Chicken Drumsticks
– Handful of Wolfberries
– 10 Red Dates
– 1 Soup Spoon of Chinese Wine (Hua Tiao)
– 1 Bottles of Chicken Essence
– 4 Slices of Gingers
– 1 Tea spoon of Salt (add more to taste)
– Pepper
– 1/2 Tea Spoon of Seasame Oil
– 1/2 Tea Spoon of Ginger Juice

How to do
– Marinate the Chicken Drumsticks with Ginger Juice, Salt and Chinese Wine for 30 minutes in aluminium foil
– After marinating, put the Chicken Essence, Wolfberries, Red dates and Gingers on top of the Chicken Drumstick, Cover back the aluminium foil
– Steam the Chicken Drumstick for 30 – 45 mins
– Add seasame oil and pepper to taste
– Ready to serve 😛