Just 2 weeks ago, Junior J, Elder J and Mummy J had contracted HFMD (Hand Foot Mouth Disease).

Started off with Junior J, he has high fever for 3 days and no matter how much Paracetamol or Nubrofen that I gave him the fever didn’t subside. Helper has been taking care of him during the days and I will be taking care of him during the night. We have been monitoring him but there’s no ulcers even the doctor is unable to detect that he has HFMD. 3 days later which is Friday, Elder J’s teacher called me and asked me to fetch him from school. He has high fever as well and this time Elder J complaint that he was having sore throat. I brought him to doctor the very same day. Doctor consulted and said that he might had got the infection from Junior J. Doctor gave both of them anti-biotic and fever medicine. We went home to rest. The very next day, I started to develop fever. My whole day was aching and decided to just self-medicate with the Paracetamol. That night, Elder J started to have a lot of rashes/blisters on his hand and feet. The blisters were itching but when you press on it, it was painful. Elder J couldn’t walk as the whole feet was full of blisters and when I look at Junior J, he has a little on his hand only. That night, we went to NUH (National University Hospital), the moment the nurses saw Elder J, they brought us to the isolation ward where we were in a small room with a bed and waiting for the doctor to come. At this time, my finger start to itch and I realised that my hand has blisters too. To me, I have never know that an adult will be contacted with HFMD. The three of us got diagnosed with HFMD by the doctor, There is no medicine, Doctor just gave me a bottle of Vitamin C and asked us to drink as much water as possible. It was hell in the next 5 days.

  1. The back of our throat has many ulcers, we couldn’t eat or drink. The only solution was to drink cereal and porridge as for my boys I bought Pedisure (a complete and balanced nutritional supplement specially developed for children aged 1 to 10 years who miss and do not complete their meals or who are picky about what they eatĀ for them) for them.The pain affected the ears as well.
  2. Our blisters on our hand and feet. We couldn’t hold the fork and spoon properly as it hurt when it press on the blisters. We apply a lot of Aloe Vera Gel (Jorubi or GNC) on the blisters and it really work a little. It help to dry up the blisters faster.

We are fully recovered in 5 days…except that the blisters started to peel. We apply butter moisturiser to prevent it for more peeling. Thanks god, my boys were age 8 and 10. They are not giving me a lot of problems. Most of the time, they just lie down on the bed and rest.

It is an experience that I will never forget. 3Js were down with HFMD :O