4 Sports for Children

Beside letting the children playing with the electronic gadget, I do encourage the kids to use the time to do more sports. Not only do sports help them burn off excess energy and have fun, they are also proven to help with focus, self-esteem, and emotional control.

Here’s are some of the sports that i personally find it interesting.


Archery help children to focus and also improve the balance and coordination. By drawing a bow strengthens their core muscles, which help to improve the their balance and stability and  hand-eye coordination. This will help the children perform in other aspects of life.

Archery Club Singapore


Fencing let the children learn to be good sportsmanship, self-discipline and gain quick reflexes. The game require strategy in order to attack your opponent is many different ways. They will gain a sense of accomplishment when winning!

Asgard Fencing
Modern Fencing Academy

Fencing Masters

3. Sailing

Sailing is an exciting and fun sport. Learning to sail will help to gain confidence, sense of directions, spatial awareness and weather knowledge. It is quite not a popular sport in Singapore yet but parents do consider this.


Singapore Sailing Federation

SAF Yacht Club

4. Water Polo

Water Polo is a intense sport for children. It require them to tread water and swim for long periods. The game let the children learn team work and also increase self determination.
Pacer Water Polo
Singapore Swimming Association