Tips to prepare your child for PSLE

Hmmm….PSLE year!  Let us plan ahead so that we are all prepare for PSLE. Parents play an important role in making sure that children are on the right tracks toward preparing for their exam. Each child is different hence there is no one good plan that fits all. We have to keep in mind the needs and abilities of our child.

Here’s some tips:

Set the Goal

Set the goal together with your child. Ask him what he want to achieve in the PSLE. Write the goal somewhere there is visible. Re-assuring your child that this is a team effort. You will facilitate him and he has to put him effort in order to achieve the goal.

Schedule (time-table)

Schedule is important. It guide them to know what is their priority and when to study/revise for each subject. Here’s the example of time table.

Time table.JPG

Past Year Exam Papers

Practice! Practice! Practice! Buy the past year exam papers and let them practice.